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PAL-KOR A-Frame Corrugated Bulkhead System

Originally designed for a global beer manufacturer for the shipment of glass in over-the-road applications, this bulkhead system has fast become a standard in the industry.  This unit replaces traditional wood blocking and bracing saving countless man hours.  It sets up in seconds and the PAL-KOR A-Frame Corrugated Bulkhead System weighs less than 50 pounds so it does not adversely effect you load carrying capacity.

The PAL-KOR A-Frame Corrugated Bulkhead System needs no installation tools or devices.  It is simply folded open and placed on the floor at the front of the trailer.  Various lengths are available to fir the needs of your product.  PAL-KOR A-Frame Corrugated Bulkhead System is totally self supporting.

Corrugated Void Fillers

We offer an array of specialized void filler & dunnage products such as International Paper Air-Bags, Pal-Kor A-frame Corrugated Bulkheads and a variety of corrugated drop down void fillers. These products will greatly reduce yourstuffing and stripping time.

Let our experienced staff show you how we can reduce your labor costs by utilizing these time saving products. Most are strong enough to be reused but inexpensive enough to be diposable while saving your staff hours of building traditional wood blocking and bracing. Many of these products are patented and certified for Rail, Sea and Over the Road applications.

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